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Lindy P drawing

Drawing and Story by LindyP

I have always been drawn to the mysticism and spirituality of India, particularly seen in the gurus, the sadhus, the Jains and the holy travellers. They say the eyes are mirrors of the soul – I see the eyes of a sadhu as a mirror to fathoms of wisdom gathered over thousands of years, as they journey on in solitude wearing little, eating little and spreading their knowledge in the most humble way.

This drawing was done on a warm sunny Perth morning, standing at my crotchety easel . Armed with charcoal and paper, kneedable rubber, long black apron and wet rag, I had in mind to create a drawing that would go with the mood I was in, bearing in mind I was listening to Indian music. I found inspiration in an old photo that has travelled with me into my living spaces for many years and which has been blue tacked on to many walls .

The end result looks nothing like the photo – it could be a completely different man, and I think perhaps I put a different character altogether into him. If you look more closely at his eyes and expression you could almost think he is a vagrant, a tramp, an itinerant . He could be the man I have seen sitting on the pavement in town, holding out a worn-out beanie, hoping for a few coins.

There might be pain in his eyes – speaking of his hard life experiences.

Or he could be a forest dweller, like the man on Grand Designs who built his home in the woods in England from timber collected from the forest floor. Perhaps he has a family – perhaps not.

After 3 hours of drawing I had finished, and looking down at my very black hands I stood back and studied my man. I think on that warm sunny morning I had come back from my dreams of India and forest dwellers, and compassion for hard luck and the homeless – it didn’t really matter who he was – I felt I had accomplished what I set out to do-to create a piece that said something -I’m just not sure what !