I have a certain uneasiness about caged birds.  Had them as a child and revisited this segment of pet doom with FM and Tim the Cabin Boy.  I think it’s basically wrong to cage birds but what does one do when they are pre-existing tenants.  Be kind, I guess.  Seven years later, one flew away when a strong wind knocked down an umbrella and his cage and the door sprung open.  Another just got crook and carked it.

We were down to our last little peach face. He had just one foot.  To quote Pete and Dud, “I had nothing against his right foot – it’s a perfectly good right foot – the trouble was he didn’t have anything against it either”.

This morning he escaped during feeding time.  That would have been good, except that we saw a mynah launch itself and a dark shadow pursued our little fellow over the fence and we know not to what fate – except  it doesn’t take much effort to guess who was the predator and who was the prey.

Anyway, short but sweet freedom, dear little bird.  Thank you for all the pretty songs.

Go with God’s speed.

Thanks also to the Be Good Tanyas.