Story by Atomou

He has changed his mind and he backtracked, we are told on the first budget because by some divine intervention, he saw the light! Lo and behold, an epiphany gurgled up before his very eyes!

Believe that and then come and ask me about the bridge I have for sale!

Tony Abbott has worked for all his breathing time towards dividing the citizenry. And now that he has the keys to the Social Engineering Room, he is trying with renewed verve and determination to accomplish it.

Under the messianic pretence of saving our “bottom line,” saving us from an economic crisis approaching in horror that of the crisis which Herod, the great fear monger and death cult devotee feared, our Tony is using the same tactics as that Old Testament Roman client king used on his own people. Kill all the babies!

Herod was being an enthusiastic sycophant to the colonists of Judea, the Romans.

Abbott is being an enthusiastic sycophant to the new colonisers in Wall St.

In these “budget” reports he is dividing the citizenry into “small businesses” and “families” knowing full well that small businesses ARE the families and families must have more human interest  needs, rather than the needs of a set of ledgers, full of queer and manipulated numbers.

Many small businessmen, of course -many but not all- are small businessmen because they have small minds with an even smaller imagination and resourcefulness and so they rush to join Abbott’s army of small minded “businessmen” thinking that their business deserves more than their family and can’t or won’t see that the few crumbs Tony tossed their way come at a very high cost to their family.

Many other small businessmen are young, enthusiastic and capable of examining many things at the same time, not only in their local area but around the globe. These folks can see, can smell and can touch real business, small or big and, at the same time, see and smell and touch injustice to all things human and non-human alike.

Tony’s “small businessmen” also can’t see that if the family has no money, if it is completely penetrated by the end of the day and the week, thanks to the disintegration of work ethics by these “small business” owners, that family will cut down on everything they can to avoid going bankrupt and becoming destitute.

Discretionary spending will be cut, if not altogether, then quite substantially, the consequence of which will be that these small businessmen of Tony’s will be finding it even tougher to survive. This will be followed by excessive and endless whinging about wages and penalty rates and rules and regulations and welfare and everything that makes up for a civilised society, before they finally become destitute themselves and close down their small business altogether.

No coffees at the local coffee shop, no beers at the pub, no outings to a decent or even indecent restaurant, no manicuring the dog, no hairdos, no new clothes… Whatever it is that an economy is, it will be moribund, if not dead and with it, the family, the life, the 200,000 years of human evolution.

Right wing governments, if they are expert at anything at all, it is that they give the short sword to the citizen and tell him that the best thing for the economy is for him to commit harakiri.

That’s what Right Wing governments do. That’s what governments that have a greater love for money, than of life do. The bible boys knew that and they warned us. (1. Timothy 6:10)

Capitalism is for the capitalists, not for life, not for anything else. When capitalists fail, they tell us, “we are too big to fail,” and we must secure their continuing work on our harakiri efforts.

When we fail, they celebrate.

And at the moment, alas, that’s all we have in Parliament: RW1 and RW2, each taking turns at the keys of the Social Engineering Room.

I am mildly surprised by the new demeanor in Shorten and, more oddly still, the recent change in his language; in his vocabulary, in his turn of phrase, in his tone of voice, for no longer do we hear, “Labor will do such and such” but we do hear -at least more often than the previous- “Help me bring about…” A shift, in other words from a near-promise to do something, to effectively, a non-promise. If he doesn’t do it -and I suggest he has not the intention to do whatever it is he is not promising to do- then he, like Abbott and his death cult, will blame a thousand other people or parties or the weather, or the gods or the direction the wind takes George Pell’s fart, for “not helping him do it.”

So far we have speeches. Words and word plays.

And we have only past performances by which to judge these two parties.

Personally I see before me, Right Wing 1 and Right Wing 2!

And, personally, I also wouldn’t be buying eggs from either of these two chicken shit merchants.

Will the real Julia Bill please stand up?

Quo Vadis, Australia?