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ADRIAN, a camp friend of Edie MacDonald. A partner of Rodney. Portrayed by Sean Myers.

ALAN, the obsessed brother of Bernadette. He wanted to return to the incestuous relationship of their teenege years, but she rebuffs him. Alan makes several attempts to scare her into coming back to him. Portrayed by Paul Westcott.

Nurse ANNABELLE, Gary Whittaker’s attractive nurse during his hospitalisation. She ignores his amorous attentions but, to Gary’s annoyance, Annabelle agrees to accompany Dudley Butterfield on a date. It becomes a rather fiery one night stand once they get back to Flat 6, thanks to Kerry Braddon. Portrayed by Nostalgia Mason.

Sir Arnold ASHTON, a respected judge of the High Court and the uncle of Don Finlayson, he convinces Don to marry Sally Fielding for their mutual benefit. Sir Arnold is revealed to be the father of Sally’s unborn child. Portrayed by James Condon.

Lady Frances ASHTON, Sir Arnold’s wife, who is remains loyal to her wayward husband. She pleads with her nephew not to take revenge on Sir Arnold after Sally’s suicide. Portrayed by Faye Donaldson.

BABS, a tarty friend of George Baker and Herb Evans, suspected of being a prostitute by Jessie Blanchard. Portrayed by Penny Ramsay.

George BAKER, a used car salesman, and former business colleague of Harry Collins. Portrayed by Barry Donnelly.

Brian BANERJEE, the Indian chemist who is briefly employed in Sonia Vansard’s pharmacy. Portrayed by Beverley Roberts.

Trevor BANKS, the alcoholic father of Grace Primrose. A famous, but faded actor, he wed Prim’s mother and took her to Hollywood, but his womanising destroyed the marriage. He has returned to Australia to make a movie, but Scott Taylor is the only one with faith in Trevor’s talents. Portrayed by Kev Golsby.

Alex BARDWELL, a smooth-talking art gallery owner who tries to convince Roma Godolfus that her (terrible) paintings are worth exhibiting, but he is really seeking her affection. Portrayed by Colin Drake.

Matt BARRINGTON, the surf-loving temporary chef from Norma’s Bar who has a fascination for Lorelei Wilkinson; he disappears after her murder, which makes him a prime suspect. Portrayed by John Paramor.

Michael BARTLETT, the handsome, but sometimes untruthful, fiance of Marilyn MacDonald. When he first arrives at Number 96, Michael perpetrates a lie that his father had died of unrequited love for Lucy Sutcliffe. He becomes a boarder in Flat 8 and attempts to wreck the Sutcliffes’ marriage. He tearfully confesses all when Lucy discovers that Tom Bartlett is alive. Michael and Marilyn elope so he can share her bed without compromising her parents’ standards of decency. For a time, he is a suspect in the Pantyhose Murders. His marriage to Marilyn is a sham; she eventually discovers that Michael has a wife and newborn child in New Zealand. Portrayed by Peter Flett.

Tom BARTLETT, the father of Michael and Martin, and a sympathetic friend to Lucy Sutcliffe. His kindness almost tempts Lucy away from her husband. Tom moves his family to New Zealand after the death of his invalid wife. He tries to contact Michael at Number 96, but his letters are returned “Address Unknown”. Portrayed by Ron Roberts.

Bill BARTON, a reporter from a national crime magazine who warns Maggie Cameron that Cliff Stevens has given her name as a character referee after his arrest on drug charges. Portrayed by Tony Allen.

Gilbert BARTON, a travelling representative for a Hunter Valley winery, he attempts to romance Norma Whittaker, both before and after the death of her husband, Les. Portrayed by Don Philps.

Mr BAYSWATER, the real estate agent who represents the original owners of Number 96 before the building is purchased by the investment company run by Jack Sellars, Maggie Cameron and Don Finlayson. Portrayed by Reg Gillam.

Clem BENSON, a local councillor defeated by Edith MacDonald.

Mr BINGHAM, the overly-loyal principal of a prestigious private boarding school, Kennard House. He reveals himself as the murderer of Phillip Chambers, whom he killed to cover up Phillip’s attacks on Robin Dunmore and other students. Portrayed by Redmond Phillips.

BLACKIE, one of Edie MacDonald’s kidnappers. Portrayed by Barney Combes.

Jessie BLANCHARD, a gossipy friend of Dorrie Evans. Portrayed by Margo Lloyd.

BERT, the perpetually job-seeking, long-time boyfriend of Meg Robinson. Portrayed by Al Thomas.

BERNADETTE, a beautiful model who moves into Flat 7 with Vera Collins. Although she is lusted after by numerous residents of Number 96, including Miles Cooper, she is also being pursued by her brother Alan, with whom she has had an incestuous affair. Unable to cope with her situation, she commits suicide by throwing herself in front of a speeding truck. Portrayed by Charne Marshall.

John BRADDON, the father of Kerry, whose violent mood swings seem to be triggered by his feelings of inadequacy around his son. He and Kerry are eventually happily reunited. Portrayed by Revelly Jones.

Kerry BRADDON, a 16 year old homeless, but very intelligent, shoplifter with a violent past. Kerry was apprehended in the deli and was due to be adopted by Aldo and Roma Godolfus before the bomb explosion which claimed their lives. He becomes the ward of Arnold Feather and, following a severe bashing, suffers a temporary bout of blindness. Portrayed by Ashley Grenville.

Frank BRAIDWOOD, the assistant manager of the Cosmopolitan Restaurant and a colleague of Helen Sheridan. Portrayed by Tony Ingersent.

Nicholas BRENT, the debonair politician, also a widower, and a society friend of Claire Houghton’s. Nick becomes a suitor of Vera Collins, whom he meets while Vera is recuperating from a rape. He is unconcerned that her seedy past may harm his chances at the next Federal election. He becomes Australia’s next Prime Minister. Portrayed by James Condon.

Tony BRENT, the cruel, but ruggedly handsome leader of a group of bikies who rapes a stranded Vera Collins on a lonely road. He is later revealed to be Nick Brent’s son and he dies in a fiery car crash while attempting to silence Vera permanently. Portrayed by Patrick Ward.

Johnny BRIGGS, a ruthless business partner of Jack Sellars, whose grandiose idea for extending the wine bar at Number 96 threatens to put Aldo Godolfus out of business. Portrayed by Deryck Barnes.

Ethel BRINKMAN, Lucy and Alf Sutcliffe’s daughter, and mother to Debbie, Garth and, later, little Alfred Jr. Ethel and her family move from Newcastle to Darwin, instead of Sydney as they originally planned, which upsets Lucy terribly. Portrayed by Jenny Lee.

Kevin BRINKMAN, Ethel’s husband. Portrayed by Peter Corbett.

Daphne BRYANT, the late Sylvia Vansard’s vengeful, identical twin sister from England. Portrayed by Shirley Cameron.

Ian Edward “Eddie” BUCHANAN, Reg MacDonald’s boss (the TC of the TH), who becomes enamoured with Trixie O’Toole. Portrayed by John Rayner(?) and Brian Moll.

Mrs BUCHANAN, The TC’s mother, who owns the Mona Vale beach house which Edie MacDonald manages to burn down.

Alderman Mrs April BULLOCK, Reg MacDonald’s stern-faced colleague in LG who becomes hopelessly enamoured of him. Portrayed by Judi Farr.

Bobby BULLOCK, April’s inept nephew, who rises to the position of DTC of the TH and conspires with Edie to have Reg given a knighthood.

Brian BURY, a TV compere who interviews Dorrie and Herb Evans about the plight of pensioners. Portrayed by Himself.

Ben BUTTERFIELD, a young boy suspected to belong to Dudley from his marriage to Jan. Later, a secret visit leaves Dudley without an alibi during the Pantyhose Murder. Portrayed by Ben Huber.

Dudley BUTTERFIELD, Arnold Feather’s movie buff friend from catering school who comes to Number 96 to work in the deli. He swaps jobs with Arnold to become the chef at Norma’s Bar. Later, he tries his hand as the proprietor of The Bun ‘n Oven Restaurant (in partnership with Arnold), which they rename The Continental. After a disastrous brawl breaks out on opening night, they convert the business into a hairdressing salon. Later, he transforms the wine bar into Duddles’ Disco. Dudley is Don Finlayson’s live-in lover for a long time, but considers himself bisexual. He has a troubled relationship with Carol Finlayson and, upon moving into Flat 6, with Rhonda Jackson. After winning TV’s “King of Trivia” crown, Dudley is given a job as an on-air personality, introducing classic movies. He falls in love with Shani Carroll, which leads to his violent death in a siege at the wine bar. Portrayed by Chard Hayward.

Jan BUTTERFIELD, Dudley’s wife from his hidden past and the mother of a young boy, Ben. Jan is terrified of her brother – but is it he or Dudley who is Ben’s real father? Portrayed by Denise Otto.

Mabel BUTTERFIELD, Dudley’s mother, an avid gambling enthusiast, who lives with her sister Brenda at Beecroft. Portrayed by Sheila Helpmann.

Mrs BUXTON, the mother of Toby; her deathbed confession holds Debbie Chester to a tragic secret about Toby’s health. Portrayed by Joan Lord.

Toby BUXTON, the arrogant and anti-social young artist who is taken in as a boarder in Flat 4 by Debbie Chester. He has a powerful hold over her, nicknaming her “Mouse”. Jane Chester finds herself both repulsed and attracted to Toby. He uncovers an old masterpiece beneath Maria Panucci’s painting of the Madonna and when Dorrie Evans asks him to design a “murial” for the Sunshine Patio, Toby completes it in typically controversial style. He also smuggles his pet, Dog, into the flat. Toby is unaware that he is dying of leukemia. Portrayed by Malcolm Thompson.

Mr CALTHROP, Dorrie and Herb Evans’ solicitor. Portrayed by Ken Fraser.

Maggie CAMERON, the bitchy, red-haired fashion editor who has an adulterous affair with the bisexual Bruce Taylor. Later, she opens a Double Bay salon, The Tapemeasure, with her friend (and often rival), Vera Collins. Maggie contributes to the death of Bev Houghton and makes life unpleasant for many of Number 96’s residents. When she becomes part-owner of Number 96, she tries to usurp Norma Whittaker from the wine bar, without success. While attempting to force a “vacant possession” sale of the building, she plants a time bomb to scare out the tenants. Although she gives ample warning, the bomb goes off in the deli, killing four long-time residents. At her trial, the judge certifies Maggie as insane and she spends several years behind bars. Portrayed by Bettina Welch.

Victor CAMERON, the estranged husband of Maggie. Portrayed by Owen Weingott.

Colin CAMPBELL, the teenaged son of Margo, Colin comes to board in Flat 7 while his parents are overseas. He eventually joins Penny Snow, a squatter who has taken over the vacant Flat 6. When she leaves, Colin develops a crush on Don Finlayson, much to the concern of Vera Collins. Portrayed by Steve Bannister.

Margo CAMPBELL, a South African friend of Vera Collins and the mother of Colin. Portrayed by Doris Goddard.

Marion CARLTON, Arnold Feather’s teacher at catering school. Although Marion is a married woman, she teaches Arnold more about life and love than cookery. Portrayed by Lorrae Desmond.

Cain CARMICHAEL, a former prison cohort of Cliff Stevens and Dick Riggs, who kidnaps Maggie Cameron; she stabs him in the stomach with a pair of scissors to escape. Portrayed by Tristan Rogers.

Simon CARR, a handsome, but shy, public relations businessman who is reluctant to choose between the affections of Maggie Cameron and Vera Collins; years later, he returns to them, but settles for Don Finlayson instead. Portrayed by John Orcsik.

Max CARROLL, an escaped prisoner and the brother of Shani. Max kills Dudley Butterfield and two wine bar customers with a machine gun, then holds several of the Number 96 residents in a bloody siege. He is shot dead by Derek Costa.

Shani CARROLL, a shady character who cons her way into Dudley Butterfield’s life so she can run a call-girl racket out of Duddles’ Disco. She is found out by Lee Chandler and Opal Wilkinson and retaliates by attempting to have Opal killed. After Dudley’s death, an attempt is made on Shani’s life when her boss gives her an overdose of drugs. She is revived in hospital, but disappears from Number 96 without saying goodbye. Portrayed by Margie Brown.

Superintendent CARROLL, the chief investigator into the death of Gordon Vansard’s wife, Sylvia. Portrayed by Mike Dorsey.

Mrs CARSON, a frequent customer of Number 96’s deli as well as The Continental hairdressing salon. Portrayed by Joyce Jacobs.

Georgina CARTER, Dorrie Evans’ teenaged niece from Coffs Harbour, who moves into Flat 3 when her parents, Jeff and Lois, are injured in a car accident. A hippy, she has an avid interest in meditation, marijuana and Krishna. At Dorrie’s instigation, Georgina takes a job as an assistant at Gordon Vansard’s pharmacy. Arnold Feather and Georgina find each other sexually attractive, but they never consummate their relationship, which only adds to their frustration. An unexpected phone call she makes to Arnold almost ends his engagement to Patti Olsen. Portrayed by Susannah Piggott.

Doctor Mike CAVANAGH, a client of Megaphone who takes a shine to both Hope Jackson and Emma Robinson. Portrayed by John Hamblin.

Elizabeth CHALMERS FEATHER, Dean MacDonald’s former fiancee from Adelaide, who moves into Flat 5 with his parents just before Marilyn MacDonald goes abroad. Liz hides her devious persona by feigning a saccharine innocence. She marries Arnold Feather and works with him in the deli. Simultaneously, Liz conducts a torrid affair with Gary Whittaker. She commences poisoning Arnold with strychnine and is eventually revealed to be a bigamist. Her real name was Beckie Wilson. Portrayed by Margaret Laurence.

Phillip CHAMBERS, a school teacher at Kennard House, and the former lover of Laura Trent. Phillip returns from England after a three year absence and, at first, believes Laura to be having an affair with her flatmate, Don Finlayson. A scandal ensues when Robin Dunmore claims to have been bashed by Phillip. Warwick Thompson tricks Phillip into revealing his guilt and his bisexuality to Laura. Phillip is brutally murdered by his own principal, Mr Bingham, during an attempt to protect the school’s good name. Portrayed by Henri Szeps.

Bernard CHANDLER, the husband of Fay and father of Lee and Grant; he leaves his family to take up an interstate mining job and is thought to have suicided when he learned of Fay’s infidelity. However, his death is proven to be an accident. Portrayed by James Moss.

Fay CHANDLER, Reg MacDonald’s pushy sister, who upsets his rigid routines when her family moves into Flat 7 above him; she has an affair with her employer, Dr Mike Purcell, and suffers a mental breakdown after her husband’s death. Portrayed by Lynne Murphy.

Grant CHANDLER, Bernard and Fay’s youngest, carefree and laziest son, whose bisexual liaisons and underworld connections create havoc for his family. He commences work as a gigolo, conducting an affair with Claire Houghton while working as her chauffeur. He later launches a successful singing career in Duddles’, but is frequently mobbed by fans. Opal Wilkinson helps him to fake his own death, temporarily. Portrayed by Michael Howard.

Lee CHANDLER, Grant’s older brother, Lee has a brief fling with Laura Trent, but she dumps him for the older Gary Whittaker. He becomes very concerned by his mother’s affair and blames her for Bernard’s death. He becomes the manager of Duddles’ Disco after Dudley Butterfield becomes a television star. Portrayed by Stephen McDonald.

CHARLES, a mature-aged suitor of Bev Houghton when they double date with Janie Somers and Alex Lederer; he reminds Janie of Bev’s late father, Alec. Portrayed by Max Osbiston.

Sid CHATTERTON, a homeless tramp befriended by Herb Evans and installed into Flat 6, which had remained vacant since the death of Bev Goodman. Portrayed by Harry Lawrence.

Debbie CHESTER, a 16 year old, rebellious schoolgirl with a low self-esteem, she is easily influenced by others. Her friend, Theresa, coerces her to experiment with uppers, downers and heroin under her naive mother’s nose and she is placed on probation. Later, she is striken mute through the shock of witnessing her mother’s death. Becoming the legal ward of Don Finlayson until her 18th birthday, Debbie continues to share Flat 4 with her older sister, Jane. Debbie is a key witness in the mystery surrounding the murder of Phillip Chambers. Her excellent marks in the Higher School Certificate examinations gain her entrance into university to study veterinary science. Still easily led, Debbie is easily manipulated by both Toby Buxton and a religious cult leader named Joshua. Portrayed by Dina Mann.

Eileen CHESTER, Vera Collins’ seamstress at the House of Danielle salon who moves in with her employer as a boarder. Accompanying her is her sulky daughter, Debbie, who causes Eileen much heartache. When Flat 4 becomes vacant, they move downstairs and are joined by Debbie’s elder sister, Jane. A reconciliation with husband, Ian, brings out the truth: that illegitimate Debbie was the product of Eileen’s extramarital affair with a man named Grant, not a rape. Eileen’s reunion vacation with Ian is cut short by a marauding shark. Portrayed by Patti Crocker.

Ian CHESTER, the estranged father of Jane Chester, who goes missing and is presumed killed, when he attempts to rescue Eileen Chester from the jaws of a shark. Portrayed by Stuart Finch.

Jane CHESTER, Debbie’s older sister, a theatre usherette and, later, a waitress at Norma’s Bar. Jane becomes a victim of the Hooded Rapist and discovers, to her own horror, that she enjoyed the experience. Her love for a married man, Frank Hobson, results in a murder charge. Cleared through the efforts of Don Finlayson, Jane marries homosexual Rob Forsyth so that he can stay in Australia beyond the date of his visa expiry. She aborts a baby belonging to Frank when she realises that Rob will not stay with her. Shani Carroll gets Jane work as an escort, but she has several scary experiences and wants out. Jane is used as a human shield in Max Carroll’s siege at Duddles’. For a time, Jane feels a sexual attraction to Ros Halliday. When she realises that her heart, and unborn child, belong to Lee Chandler, Jane goes off in pursuit of him. Portrayed by Suzanne Church.

CLAUDINE, an out-of-work actress with a broad Australian accent, who happens to be a look-alike of Amanda Von Pappenburg. Amanda’s former husband, Rudi, convinces Claudine to impersonate the baroness while the real Amanda is on an ocean cruise. They plan to cheat Amanda out of Max Von Pappenburg’s estate. Portrayed by Carol Raye. Denise COLEMAN, the first victim of the Pantyhose Strangler. Blonde Denise, a young hairdresser due to be married in a few weeks, was found dead in Chestnut Lane and for a while it was thought that Marilyn MacDonald was the unknown victim.

Harry COLLINS, the estranged car salesman husband of Vera Collins, he makes several return visits to Number 96, but always reverts to suspicion, jealousy and violence. Harry is a bigot and expresses a strong dislike for Chad Farrell. A womaniser and an alcoholic who, for a short time, finds religion. Vera identifies his burned body after a car crash and she believes him dead for a long time. However, Harry turns up again, involved in an art theft. He is captured, goes on trial and is gaoled after the scam is revealed to Vera in a series of dreams. Portrayed by Norman Yemm.

VeraVera COLLINS SUTTON, a former high class call-girl from South Africa who tells fortunes with playing cards. A talented fashion designer, Vera opens The Tapemeasure salon with Maggie Cameron and, later, runs The House of Danielle for her lover, Warwick Thompson. She is a good friend of Lucy Sutcliffe, Helen Sheridan and Don Finlayson. Vera’s numerous affairs always seem to be with the wrong men… until she marries Guy Sutton and departs for a new life in Europe; she returns to Sydney for Maggie’s murder trial and finally settles in Kirribilli. Portrayed by Elaine Lee.

Miles COOPER, a womanising medical student and the son of Sir Paul Cooper, who is determined to succeed in life without help from his father. However, he has developed the habit of constantly borrowing money from his friends and neighbours. Miles has brief encounters with Tanya Schnolskevitska, Susan Temple, Marilyn MacDonald and Bernadette. He is sharing Flat 6 with David Palmer and Prim when he is fatally wounded in a bomb blast in the delicatessen. Portrayed by Scott Lambert.

Joe CORLESS, a gang boss who threatens Alf Sutcliffe. Portrayed by Tony Allyn.

Julia CORNICH, a reporter who moves in with Dorrie and Herb Evans to research and write an article on the plight of penniless pensioners. Portrayed by Jenee Welsh.

COOKIE, Arthur Partridge’s pet sulphur-crested cockatoo. Portrayed by Himself.

Count COPERNICUS, a skinny male stripper inadvertently employed by Dorrie Evans for a Senior Citizens’ function. During an audition, she refers to him as “Count Copper Knickers”. Portrayed by Himself.

Derek COSTA, a police sergeant who investigates a break-in and assault at the home of Claire Houghton. Later, he becomes Don Finlayson’s flatmate. His sometime lover is Ros Halliday. Derek becomes the hero during a siege at the wine bar, but is suspended from the force for failing to follow proper procedure. As Don’s new employee as a private investigator, he becomes involved in the mystery kidnapping of their next door neighbour, Dr Harold Wilkinson. Portrayed by Stephen O’Rourke.

Alan COTTERELL, the stage manager boyfriend of Janie Somers, Alan moves into Flat 6 when he loses his job. He organises a vigilante group among the residents of Number 96 to catch the knicker-snipping Prowler, but is eventually revealed to be the mysterious perpetrator. Portrayed by Mark Hashfield.

Marie CROWTHER, a friend of Harry Collins from Alcoholics Anonymous, who moves into Flat 7 briefly on the pretext of giving him moral support. She is eventually revealed to have lesbian tendencies and peeps on Vera while she showers. Portrayed by Hazel Phillips.

Ben DANIELS, the father of Ian. When he returns to Sydney, Ben falls in love with Amanda Von Pappenburg and proposes marriage to her, but she turns him down. Portrayed by John Trenaman.

Ian DANIELS, a young boarder staying with Les and Norma Whittaker while his father is in Germany. He begins working in the wine bar, but his employers are shocked to learn that he is only sixteen. Rather than return to school, Ian has grand plans to leave his family and join a commune. Portrayed by Alan Wilson.

Warren DAVIS, a colleague of Gil Dawson, who comes to visit Flat 7. He has a very wrong impression of Vera Collins. Portrayed by John Faassen.

Gil DAWSON, a particularly nasty live-in boyfriend of Vera Collins, who is eventually revealed by Terry Sanford to be a pimp and a member of the Mafia. Portrayed by Terence Cooper.

Vicki DAWSON FEATHER, Don Finlayson’s secretary from Tamworth, who once had a relationship with Charles “Chook” Feather. She arrives in Sydney looking for him, but falls in love with his identical twin, Arnold. Her mother briefly absconds with her baby son, Simon, when she announces her intention to marry. Portrayed by Kay Powell.

De COMO, the evil high priest at a satanic Black Mass, which involved Vera Collins and Bev Houghton. Portrayed by Peter Reynold.

Horace DEERMAN, who was Herb Evans’ best man at his and Dorrie’s wedding forty years earlier. Horace and Herb had signed the marriage certificate in the wrong places, so when Horace returns for the Evans’ Ruby Anniversary celebrations and discovers the mistake, he demands his conjugal rights. Much to Dorrie’s horror, he also enjoys the odd swig of methylated spirits. Portrayed by Harry Lawrence.

Neville DE GROOT, Vera Collins’ stepfather from Johannesburg, South Africa, who had raped her as a young girl and, years later, arrives in Sydney to repeat the act; for a brief time, Vera was pregnant with his baby and Harry was unable to accept that the child might be born black. Portrayed by Ronald Morse.

Henri(etta) P. DOBB –> See Hope JACKSON.

DOG, Toby Buxton’s dog, which was smuggled passed Dorrie Evans and into Flat 4; after Toby’s death, Edie MacDonald succeeds in finding Dog a new home. Portrayed by Himself.

“THE DOG FROM THE HARDWARE STORE”, a labrador which frequents The Continental Salon. Portrayed by Gough.

Dorothy DUNLOP, Arnold Feather’s replacement as the chef at Norma’s Bar, who claims to have had numerous previous lives as well as psychic “vibes”. Dorothy is revealed to be schizophrenic. Her evil alter-ego, Madelaine, is discovered to be the writer of a series of poison pen letters. Portrayed by Diana McLean.

Robin DUNMORE, a suspect in the killing of Phillip Chambers, who comes to a sticky end himself. Portrayed by Mark Lee.

Stephan DUVAL, an army major who attempts to sweep Roma Lubinski off her feet, which makes Aldo Godolfus jealous. Stephan is revealed to be a phony. Portrayed by Kenneth Laird.

Helen EASTWOOD, the eight-month pregnant wife of Mark. Helen is rushed to hospital after a fall down the stairs at Number 96 a few days after they move in. Their baby girl is born prematurely. It fails to thrive and the traumatised Helen disappears for several weeks. Mark eventually locates her and they start a new life away from Number 96. Portrayed by Briony Behets.

Mark EASTWOOD, a young teacher from Flat 4, who begins an adulterous liaison with Rose Godolfus when his pregnant wife refuses his sexual overtures. Later, he takes in Chad Farrell as a boarder. Mark and Chad discover the body of Sylvia Vansard on the floor of Flat 1. When he moves out, Don Finlayson takes over the lease of the flat. Portrayed by Martin Harris.

Edgar EGGERTON, a prissy landlord who quibbles about renting his Kirribilli apartment to Vera Collins and two other divorced women, Samantha Minerver and Eve. Portrayed by Terry O’Neill.

Dorrie EVANS, the interfering, malapropping “conserge” of Number 96, where she lives in Flat 3 rent-free with her husband, Herb. A pensioner, she is the life-long friend of Flo Patterson. Dorrie has a brother, Jeff Carter, who lives in Coffs Harbour with his wife and daughter, Lois and Georgina. Dorrie’s sister, Connie, was married to the late Frank Meadows. Dorrie is a past vice-president of the Senior Citizens’ Bowling Club and dreams of one day climbing the “socialist” ladder to Point Piper. She loves to gossip and is always seems to be trying to organising protests and petitions about local issues. She has an ongoing feud of sorts with Norma Whittaker, dating back to a mix-up over the lease of Flat 5. Dorrie lapses into a coma after a fall down the stairs caused by Bernadette’s brother, Alan, but she makes a full recovery. She commences divorce proceedings against Herb several times, but always takes him back. After Flo’s marriage, she takes in Lord Andrew Whittaker as a boarder for a time, followed by Hope Jackson. Portrayed by Pat McDonald.

Ellie EVANS, Herb Evans’ cousin, who was said to be mentally ill. Herb recalls how she used to stick knitting needles through keyholes to protect herself from eavesdroppers, a practice which horrifies Dorrie.

Herbert EVANS, a hen-pecked husband, more or less. The Evans’ family home once occupied the site of Number 96. Herb suffers a mild stroke but makes a full recovery. Herb is a close friend of Alf Sutcliffe and Les Whittaker and is often unwittingly involved in their dubious money-making schemes. Herb inherits a son in the will of a former girlfriend: “Junior” Winthrop. For a time, it is suspected that Herb has absconded with a large sum of money from the Senior Citizens’ Club bank account. During an American cultural exchange with Hope Jackson, Herb is suspected of having an affair. He enjoys gambling and he and Opal Wilkinson eventually share a large lottery win. Portrayed by Ron Shand.

Mr EVANS-JONES, a prospective tenant of Flat 5 who impresses Dorrie Evans as to his suitability. To Dorrie’s displeasure, Les and Norma Whittaker move in instead. Portrayed by Colin Croft.

EVE, a vivacious, four times-divorced flatmate and friend of Vera Collins, whom she met in Europe. Portrayed by Abigail.