Anatomou with Three Generations of Goddesses

Story from Anatomou

The divinest and gorgeousest female in the universe has arrived, at 10.34 am just yesterday !

Her arrival was marked by the clearest, most lyrical call from her powerful lungs, fitting for such a heavenly body; so lyrical and so sonorous was her call that she was immediately surrounded by almost all of the nurses the obstetrics wing of the hospital afforded.

Delightful midwives, one of which was her very own grandmother tended to her and her mother’s every need.

Box Hill Hospital, you rock and I love the way you do!

Her father is still unwinding from this intensely emotional experience which had brought tears to his eyes, as it did to her grand father who is still trying to contain them and redeem some of his dignity!

I am in a state so much beyond bliss that it defies lexical description!

Arina is here!
All hail Arina!