kids_in_cage_02Another innovative Pig-Tel solution to life’s little and not-so-little challenges

A lot of customers in the front bar of the Pig’s Arms have come to Merv and shared their concerns over a glass canoe of Trotters Ale – about the looming disaster known as the Christmas school holidays.

You know the drill – the little miracles have about sixteen weeks off school and your happy go lucky employers give you, what, two weeks, at the outside or FOUR if you want to play fast and loose with your job security.

What to do ?  What to do ?

Well the boffins at Pig-Tel have put on their thinking caps and teamed up with the august veterinary powerhouse Phideaux and Pheelicks – and they bring to you the perfect solution.

Pig-Tel researchers have found abundant space down at their local cat and dog boarding emporium and intensive testing has proven without a doubt that a comfortable cage with a deep littler tray, a broadband connection and twice a day drops of Maccas is indistinguishable from a teenager’s bedroom – and far more sanitary.

For a mere $29.95 a day plus incidentals (insurance, sundries and vaccinations for the staff – $406.87) you can put your little miracles up with Rex and Pussy-Willow – have that little holiday in Monte Carlo you’ve been holding off since Club Merde upped their Kids Club surcharge and you can rest assured that they’ll be entertained and well-nourished*.

So what are you waiting for ?

Send a stamped, self-addressed Email with your credit card details to Pig-Tel Holidays and let the fun begin*.

*Note:   This refers to the dog and cat only.  Conditions might apply, depending on whether they favour us or you..