Live from Yvonne in Venice !

Hello World

During the bottom and brain numbing trip from Down Under, one of the transit airports was Munich (highly efficient). The gate next to the one for the plane to Venice was loading passengers for Paris. It was a little chilling to see policemen with heavy duty weapons watching the people.They relaxed visibly when the last passenger was checked through.

Alvise (the hard working young man who finds interesting places for me to stay) met me at the Sant’ Angelo vaporetto stop, and brought me to the apartment where I’ll be for the next 7 weeks. It’s on Campo Santo Stefano; the 4 windows on the top left corner are the front rooms of the apartment.

20151201_131953I wasn’t looking forward to several flights of stairs, especially  with the luggage. Alvise had a surprise for me, the suitcases (and Alvise’s cap) travelled in style on the chair lift! I may be tempted to…

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