220px-Angélique_Kidjo“Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo,[1][2][3] known as Angélique Kidjo (born July 14, 1960), is a Beninese-born American Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter and activist, noted for her diverse musical influences and creative music videos. Time magazine has called her “Africa’s premier diva”.[4] The BBC has included Kidjo in its list of the African continent’s 50 most iconic figures” Thanks again Wiki, you know it all. If you want to read more go here

Wiki the Know All tells us more about Ang

The album this time is Oremi. A very eclectic mix of music styles and her voice is simply outstanding.

Now the obvious song on the album is a version of Jim Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile. You can watch that here.

Voodoo Chile at Youtube

My favorite you can watch here. As usual very hard to pick one over the other to be honest. This track, Itche Koutche is a bit more upbeat but another track on the album called Never Know is also very special.

Itche Koutche thanks Youtube

The whole album is here. Enjoy folks.

Angélique Kidjo Oremi