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An old snap: ‘My altered ego Shoe c 1960.


A Reveal

By Hon Shades

Yep, G’day eh I’m Hon Shades. I was Sandshoe. Dinkum.

Awesome enough.

I saw Merv by the way pushing a brand spanking new lawnmower in through the front door of the pub. Make of that what you will and he’s now got his name up in big lettering on the facade of the Pig’s Arms Two-Up School out back.

Merv readies the bar for business

“Two. Two naming rights,” Merv over a drinkie winkie retorted to a journalist from the Pigs Herald daily [advertisement. Pigs-Fly-Buys. Claim Them Now. Only 4 Million left.*] “not one you know and two in the hand. Just from wheelin’ and dealin’.”

Merv looked as if he’d come into a bit of money.


About who I am in my no-names on buildings insignificance eh, what happened when I commented at the pub as Sandshoe was the pub bounce let me in no worries. No gravatar ever popped up but. No mug shot’s a concerning thing when you’re seeking fame.

WordPress wouldn’t have a bar of me lol.

True. I couldn’t crack into my WordPress account to get my old gravatar up. No amount of money.

Least work begging scenario, I needed to open a new account. I had to have a new name.

Good fortune. Mark a.k.a Hung One On nick-named me Hon Shades.

Hung and family

Great name.

I’ve taken the name I hope graciously and these words from the bish. The bish himself over a drinkie winkie or two tells Gordon he did, even the greatest physicist in Cyberia, the fame is only a name. It’s not everywhere either fame, Gord. Be glad of a great name.

Youse know the pub’s a blog right eh. The pub’s an imaginative construct assembled by a crowd of people over a number of years. It’s not real even if it does seem real to the gifted.

The Management Team from the PA”S from left Emmjay, Hung, Gez.