Photo by Josh Bartlett

Story by Gerard Oosterman

As you might know, I joined indoor bowling some months ago and little did I know that I would be in possession of a trophy within weeks. Yet, that has happened. I have a rather large wooden structure with two silver figures, a man and a woman in a pose suggesting they are ready to bowl. I have noticed that when it comes to handing out trophies and awards at sporting events,  there are often as many trophies as there are members of the club. Everyone goes home with either a trophy or a written card of acknowledgement  of high achievements.


We had our trophy night last Sunday at the Mittagong RSL. Our bowling is strictly social, and for fun, with laughter the aim rather than scoring points or killing to win. I have yet to introduce my own special method of competition in awarding the worst players the winners. I tried to get some interest, but some reckon we would never get home for trying to be the worst. Anyway, the evening was a winner. The club provided some food and included my favourite small sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, some fish things and the obligatory ham and tomato sandwiches. No alcohol, but that was compensated for by the club providing the chilli, tomato, mustard and barbeque sauces.


The all time winner of most trophies was ‘little Mary’ and at 93 years of age still beats all of us. She was for many years the NSW champion. She won the singles, the doubles, the triples, the whole bloody lot with also pocketing most of the ‘runner ups’ etc. It took two men to carry all the trophies back to the car. 

I am not even enrolled as a member. Even so, my trophy was for the men during 2017 having played better than the females! A hoot really, because most times men and women play together.


This little club is unique. We are all getting closer to the Pearly Gates with many suffering dodgy irritable bowels, lameness, carry spare legs or hearts. Yet, we plod on and keep each other company and look after each other.  I have never felt more welcome and take great pleasure in their company.


Who would have known?


Helvi and I wish all the patrons a happy Christmas and New year. Take it easy!