Not to outdone by the London burghers , a Vic Rail official announced today that they have discovered a whole railway station in Flinders St Melbourne.

“Much more significant than a crappy grave near Euston Rd Tube station” the official was quoted as saying.  

Motorists and pedestrians have been circumnavigating the treacherous hook turns in the area reputedly founded by Batman and Robin sometime around last week.

Locals have been performing this amazing feat …. on feet.

Asked whether he had made a map, the official said “Sure.  Four fifty, thanks mate”

“Are the natives friendly ?” was our next question. “Do you mean the South Sudanese gangs ?” responded the official. “Yes, very friendly since the election”.

“But watch out for the trainspotters”.

Bea Mybaby …. reporting for the Pig’s Arms.