Let’s welcome my old mate Norm de Plume to the Pig’s Arms….

by Norm de Plume

The “Like Me” app automatically generates the admiration of the recipient when the notification is viewed. When the notified post is accessed; the app will generate payment (pop up payment). This ensures that the app funds itself!

We know that your followers don’t have time to read beyond first line of your posts, and suggest that a synopsis be provided so that the full post is not even necessary. To aid your creativity, we are developing “Post Me” to help you by generating the posts for you and take away the tedium from having to post, and having anything worthwhile saying.

Expressions of intrest are being sought for the app “Like Forever” which will ensure your perpetual online presence. A presence that is always on, whilst you sleep and continues after you die. This app will actively predict what you like and subscribe your following and ensure the appropriate “like” activities to ensure your opinions haunt humanity for eternity and beyond.

How can you not like that?