Playlist and rant by Algernon

None of these songs are new, many have appeared on lists I’ve prepared in the past. All are protest songs, speaking of race, bigotry, abuse, struggle, identity, heavy handedness to criminality of those who should be upholding the law.

Nothing changes, nothing changes overseas nothing changes here, were we have the forces of conservative extremism who ensure that nothing changes. Is it right that a young policeman face slams a lippy 17 year old to the footpath and a police commissioner say the young bloke was just having a bad day ?

It’s not right that authorities ignore the protests of those who say they can’t breathe who then die and not be held accountable for their actions. Is it right that our First Nations people are over represented in our Prison system for things white people wouldn’t be held in prison for ?

It’s a bizarre world where a US President will incite violence against his own people or to use tear gas against peaceful protestors so he can walk to a church and hold up a bible, a book he has not read and has no idea of its content, an action repugnant to anyone of faith.

Is it OK that he thinks civil war is the way forward ?

The more the world goes forward the more it stays the same.

Rubber bullets – 10CC

O-o-h child – The Five Stairsteps

A change is gonna come – Sam Cooke

Young gifted and black – Nina Simone

Wake up everybody – Howard Melvin and the Bluenotes

Solid Rock – Goanna

Beds are burning – Midnight Oil

The Dead heart – Midnight Oil

Tribal Voice- Yothu Yindi

Down city streets – Archie Roach

Thou shall not steal – Kev Carmody

Killing in the name – Rage against the machine

The revolution will not be televised – Gil Scott Heron

What’s going on – Marvin Gaye