Plums of Norm

The origins of our artifact were lost in the mythic dreamy times of the clan.

The great leader had smote a tree cleaving a giant slice in a single blow. In penitence he squeezed the clouds to provide his nourishing tears. The timber slab and twisted as it stretched towards the brilliance of the sun. It grew into a fossilized imitation of a giant bark sliver.

The head of our clan discovered this gigantic sheath of ancient redgum on a foraging expedition. It was taken triumphantly to the ancestral home where it came to represent the struggles of conquering the chosen land.

The artist paid tribute to the cultures that had lead us to adopt this promised land. To the drumbeat of Rolf Harris he daubed mixtures of British Paints into an mock ochre of symbols.

Symbols reflected a vague inspiration from a booklet on traditional aboriginal art that had…

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