Warning – the attached video is waist deep in what is euphemistically called “Strong Language” which really means there is a large amount of high intensity swearing.

Now, you know me, I’m not really offended by language, but then I do usually shy off the C-word and I can totally get that regular people might be offended by preceding the intransitive verb for the F-word with “mother”.

So, if this is you, please do not play the video.

I’m putting it here because George Carlin (famous for the supersonic diatribe) IMHO really nails the American gestalt of this time – and if you look carefully under the hood of climate change, an unfair tax regime where the biggest players pay nothing and the rest of we mug punters have to shoulder their share, you may see what George Carlin says has so much truth about it.

Our very own (and I use that term loosely) decaying society I’m seeing as I rocket towards my 8th decade (i.e. 70 years of age for the arithmetically challenged – refer to content of the video) is copping more than CoVid. We have been carrying the American neocon virus ever since Paul Keating got voted out.

So, ladles and gems, here for your consideration is Mer George Carlin getting stuck into American Pie.