Nobody but the Shovel could have said it better ! Because they did !

Time’s up dickhead. See you later mate.

Sorry to hear about your little loss.  

What’s that? Can’t hear you over the all the tears.

You don .. You don .. You don … You don’t want to leave yet? Oh sweetheart. It’s time to go. Come on, pack up your things and start fucking off. That’s it. All the way off.

Might want to tuck your nappy in there champ, it’s poking out. That’s better.

Have you got a friend who can come and pick you up? Oh really? No friends. None at all? What a shame. Perhaps you’ll make some new ones in prison.    

Sorry? You won? Oh but that’s the thing mate, you didn’t win. You’re a loser. It’s over. Just the one term, which is rare.

Yep, $400 million is a lot to have owing. I’m sure they’ll be nice to you. 

What’s that? You need to shit your pants? Think you shat them a long time ago mate.  

Off you go you fucking weirdo.

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