Unverified Rumour by Pig’s Arms Cub Reporter Boo-Boo Bear

In a late breaking unverified rumour, allegedly started by Pig’s Arms Cub reporter Boo-Boo Bear, it is said that the Hollywood star Daisy Duck has passed away at the age of 101 due to natural causes (Duck a l’Orange).

There is some dispute that the oft-time paramour of Donald Trump Duck was actually 101 years old (born in 1920)- especially since Donald was born in 1934 – suggesting that DD was dating a pretty old broiler straight out of the hutch.

Birth records were sketchy – especially before colour came into the picture. Some celuloidists claim that she used a former name “Donna” however other experts insist that Donna Duck was the friend of a Mexican waterbird DD was dating for a time.

What IS known is that Daisy had a clutch of relatives and that her unnamed brother was married to triplets “April”, “May” and “June” – one of which is the mother of another brood of triplets more familiar to officianrdos of cartoons and comics – Huey, Louie and Dewey – or if you prefer, Hewey, Dewey and Louie. Louie was killed in a tragic shooting accident on the ironically-named Lake Placid.

The Pig’s Arms tried to contact the previously irascible but now apparently inconsolable Donald, but he was unavailable for comment.

Friends close to Daisy including Daffy Duck were quoted as saying “Psuffering Psuckertash”, Big Bird came out in spots and Foghorn Leghorn said “Ah say,Ah say, Ah say, Boy …”

The family is not expecting Uncle Scrooge to pick up the tab for the funeral despite the cost being described as “chicken feed”.