So, not all articles on the Pig’s Arms are pish tosh. Here is an illuminating video on the near future of lithium batteries – solid state – twice the juice of conventional lithium ion batteries and maybe 1/10th the time to recharge.

So despite the legislative idiots in Victoria wanting to tax electronic vehicles (because owners don’t pay petrol tax) and this joke of an Australian government pfutzing around and attempting to stymie renewables, the real world charges on (excuse pun) and we are definitely heading towards low carbon renewable energy cars.

I wonder what happened to the closed Ford and Holden manufacturing plants ? Why not start pumping out high tech electric vehicles using lithium batteries made from abundant supplies of lithium in WA ?

Well, on the lithium side, we can mine the ore – but we can’t concentrate it or manufacture the metal. The WA mines go in and out of production because the Chinese stockpile lithium ore and concentrate and just stop buying. Nobody is going to invest billions to produce stuff they cannot sell.

If we had a predictable local demand and refining capability – to use our ridiculously abundant supply of solar energy we could a) reduce our reliance on the whims of Beijing, b) reduce our reliance on imported oil, and c) rebuild a manufacturing economy with thousands of good jobs – as opposed to reliance on fragile sectors like tourism and tertiary education … of the very foreign students whose government is clearly seeking world domination – including domination of Australians.

So roll on Tesla and Toyota and Samsung…. and Australian legislators – FFS pay attention …