The McMorrison Crotchless
The Richard Colbeck – with racing stripes
The Greg Hunt (Not Actual Size)

Even when there’s no crisis in aged care, every senior deserves to be kept locked up safe and dry, but with the Covid shortage in nursing home workers, apart from turning to the army, it’s time to turn to the makers of fine Pig-Tel high performance incontinence pads.

Pig-Tel research teams have responded rapidly to the non-crisis with robust products that will give your senior the confidence that he or she is looking for – and at the same time send a timely message to ministers expressing their gratitude for jobs well done.

Pig-Tel have huge stocks (between two and three dozen) in warehouses around Australia*

Our incontinence pads are manufactured in China and Serbia, so get in quick while supplies last (could be a longish wait for re-supply)

Send $1,759 NOW … or four easy payments of $517 (plus postage and handling) to Pig-Tel and help your gran or pop to take a dump on a McMorrison, or a Richard Colbeck without having to leave the security of their locked down room. Note the Greg Hunt line is discontinued and won’t be available after the last sitting.

Remember, if it’s a McMorrison, a Richard Colbeck or a Greg Hunt (limited edition), you can rely on it to be full of crap.

*except WA.