Quality control is a vital part of every commercial organisation’s business.  And this is especially true for purveyors of fine beverages to the gentry – like the Pig’s Arms.

In keeping with the pub’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards in fine drinking, Merv has decided to appoint another new staff member to the team – our new Cellar Master, Dermot O’Logy.

Dermot O'Logy, resting after a hard day's taste testing

Merv selected Dermot from a highly competitive field on the strength of his dedication to the work and from an outstanding example of his tasting notes – that fell out of his pocket when Manne removed him from the gents helped him disengage from his work.

Merv is pretty sure, no almost certain that this is Dermot’s published work.  Possibly.

Merv is expecting Dermot to wax lyrical about Trotter’s Ale (when he regains consciousness – Dermot, not Merv) and he (Merv, not Dermot) wonders what the patrons of the pub really think about the brew – inviting comments from the astute and discerning patrons de porc.