Manne found a great use for recycled PCs – the Pig-Tel USB Brewmaster


Why do the multinational beer megacorps

Gather together and conspire against the boutique brewer ?

Their pathetic efforts shall be in vain and the Aleful Trotter

Shall rule over the public bar and the sportsmen’s bar and the bottle shop shall overflow.

Yeah man, I sayeth unto all who frequent the ladies lounge and the Nathan Rees Memorial Ballroom

That the pink drinks are on us.

For I am the publican

And you are the patrons de porc

And Crispin Bacon shall rule over the car park with a rod of irony.

Therefore you captains of corporate turps

I say unto you “Serve Trotters and you shall be served”

Fear not and celebrate the coming of the quality brew

For the yeast is mine and

The yeast will do all the uprising that’s kneeded.

Blessed be those who take a jar in the house of the Pig’s Arms.