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ABC News Reporting Team

Early this morning, the ABC Web site reported that Julian Assange was given asylum by Ecuador.  I was ready to fire off a letter of gratitude to the Ambassador for Ecuador (if in fact Australia has one).

But wait.

No, they reported that the British Newspaper “The Guardian” reported that Assange was to be given asylum by Ecuador.

Later this morning, ABC News ran report of a denial of sorts on Twitter with the President of Ecuador himself denying that Assange had in fact been granted asylum.  In essence the process was said to be still ongoing.

What bozo at the ABC thinks that News reporting amounts to reading stuff other people write and repackaging it as “fact” ?

Where is the value add, ABC ?

Was it too hard to check – like Email the source at the Guardian and ask for a shred of evidence – a scintilla of proof ?

Does the ABC have any credibility at all these days ?

Just a tip ABC News – when I write the piece about the NASA Mars robot discovering little green men, ring up NASA and check before quoting me verbatim.  You never know when somebody might be pulling your leg.

I think I just heard the sound of geese ….. HONK… HONK… HONK…