Anti-gay marriage protest - Paris

Borrowed with thanks from the ABC – our 8c is in the mail….


The ABC reported today that as the French government lower house passed into law the right for gay people to marry, French police broke up and dispersed an estimated 300,000 people protesting against the passing of the legislation  – and demanding a referendum.

The photograph above is interesting in that the protesters (at the front line at least) are all males.

So much for Egalite !

Why is it that French men – apparently – are so vehemently opposed to gay marriage ?

What a contrast it is with a previous French government that passed the anti-burqa laws – which seemed to be a departure from the national motto by the elected representatives of the French people.

Repression and liberation – both apparently unacceptable to the French.

Or perhaps we should look at this from another perspective – is this another expression of the re-emergence of the far right in an economically hammered Europe ?  Not a lot of long hairs in the picture either.