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Some Obscure and Pointless Graph

Story by Emmjay

Turbulent mind sets dominate this weeks news. The leading salvation index was up marginally with the celebration of chocolate and the curious exhortation to consume rabbit and more recently bilby !! effigies. Market demand for gratification through polygonally patterned ova of varying sizes was in evidence.

Goodwill was flat this week and international traders reported a steep rise in malice futures with market activity in the Korean Peninsula achieving new record heights daily.

Political disenchantment in the local market shifted with most investors adopting a wait and see approach, with the exception of some steep but isolated selling in the superannuation for the fabulously rich futures.

Greed maintained its strong position in the mindset markets which also saw a parallel rise in naked self-interest.

Concern over the environment was flat with a previously growing shift towards species extinction stalling and investors growing tired of ongoing lack of progress in the cetacean preservation sector.

Market watchers reported a steep rise in the New York Insouciance Index which led the local “I Couldn’t Give a Continental” futures to new post whatever happened yesterday highs.

The local red neck indifference quotient peaked mid week with the opening of the duck hunting season which naturally was preceded by a big rise in the righteous indignation over unjustifiable cruelty sector.

Punters with an emotional investment in technology-led quality of life diminution were active this week and the grumpy old fart leading 500 rose by one point. But it was a huge point. Just one, but really big. Enormous, actually.

Callous disregard was up. Whistle-blowing was flat.

Media cynicism and internal resentment were also well up on yesterday’s highs.

Generosity showed small signs of a recovery this week, possibly in line with a post-Easter resurgence in forgiveness.

Emotional investors were bullish about hatred and bearish about love, so no change there.

And that’s it for this week’s Pig’s Arms Mindset Report.

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