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kevonyStory By Emmjay*

The French have much to teach Australia.  They have worked out the sociopolitical landscape and like Bedouins, have struck their social networks and disappeared into the desert night, well before the Kangaroos have hopped into the oasis.

But we are smart marsupials and we have the capacity to learn, if not exactly quickly, at least eventually.

There are two beautifully apt French slang terms that describe our political landscape – and the general state of disrepair of our contemporary political discourse.

“Bobo” is an acronym for “Bourgeois Bohemian” or loosely interpreted – people who talk left but walk right.

“What ?  Is he talking about Kevin?” I hear you ask.

And “Catofascio” refers to “Catholic Fascist” – or someone who talks Catholic but walks even further right.

“No !  Surely he’s not talking about Tony” I hear you protest.

How could the French have seen this coming ?  Is LePen mightier than the sword ?

Will we ever escape this rapidly drying up oasis in such an arid clime ?

OK Australia, start looking for tracks in the sand, and get used to grit in the sandwiches for the foreseeable future.

* Thanks to Maciej for the Informacio