Story by LindyP

Every state and federal election day I stand there -the lone figure -in my green T shirt – searching for faces that I think will vote Green. Unfortunately in Perth , they are few and far between and so instead I like to observe people’s body language as they pass by.

I like to put them into groups –

First come the angry ones ,full of unspeakable resentment and horror that a person in a green T shirt has the nerve to stand there and offer them a card -they glare at me as if they could tear the T shirt off my back ,stamp on it and burn it in front of everyone there and then. They storm past me in silent fury and I can almost see the steam rising out of their ears.

Then come the quiet stony faced ones ,they avoid my glance and outstretched
hand ,keeping their own hands deep in pockets and completely ignoring the fact that I am present -I am invisible to this group -perhaps I am living in a parallel world -or perhaps like the bower bird they only recognise the colour blue.

Finally there are the cringers , avoiding my glance and hugging their shoulders as they furtively slip past me in a widening semi circle -as if they will catch some terrible disease if they come too close. The look says it all.

At the end of my shift I join the queue and go inside to vote. People in the queue are pleasant , friendly and chatty .

Little do they know that underneath my coat, my green T shirt lies waiting for it’s day of glory !