Time Waster by Emmjay

Over at our friends’ place at Crikey, they ran a competition about whether Canberra was wonderful or the armpit of the Nation:


My Entry didn’t place (how surprising), but I liked the idea of a succinct take on our National Capital –  and stuff them for a laugh !       Here it was:

Canberra – Remandberra

Lest I be criticised because of a perceived bias against our Nation’s hapless capless, let me first say that there are some extremely pleasant and cheerful folks who dally there on their way to somewhere significant.  I think I just made that up to create a false sense of balance.

They allegedly hold massive art extravaganzas in The National Gallery.  People go in droves but few return.  It’s like a cubist Bermuda Triangle.

But that’s it for Canberra.  It’s a place that people drift into – the same way as they do in a remand centre.

Canberrans have the appearance of mice that have just received invitations to the Snake’s Picnic Day.  Things will soon get far better or much worse – depending on the caprice of what is laughingly referred to these days as “a career move”.

And like a remand centre, Canberra is a place with dodgy food and even more suspect travelling companions.  I say “Take a return ticket, a cut lunch and watch your back”.

Emmjay of the Pig’s Arms.

There is only 1 rule in the Pig’s Arm’s Canberra competition: Max 150 words

Have a go yourself ! 

Best entry wins FM’s Pig’s Arms black polo shirt – (never worn !)

as seen on the famous Emmjay Edition of Seniors’ Quarterly