Every now and again, I sign a change.org petition when I’m presented with (usually) some unfathomable piece of bureaucratic or political bastardry that’s either wrecked or threatening to wreck the lives of a person or a group of people doing it tough.

So, whereas I might not have signed a petition from Twiggy Forest and Gina Rhinestone complaining about the 2% deficit tax for people earning over $180k a year, I did sign a petition from a fireman with years of service and properly-diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder being denied his rights by a crappy insurance company that bleeds NSW taxpayers dry in premiums for firies, cops and ambos – but rarely if ever pays up when they need it and deserve it.

In my view, mass organisation against bureaucratic, commercial and political twats is a really good thing – more effective than litigation and a lost faster at resolving fundamental inequities.  I give them my support when it’s appropriate to do so – and like maybe 2 million other change.org participants, you might like to consider helping out too.

More satisfying than and far more effective than ringing up some minion at your local MP, and not a big time waster like trumped up commercial shock jocks who dance for whomever is paying the piper.