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Dan Fogelberg Souvenirs

Dan Fogelberg Souvenirs


Here is a great album by Dan Fogelberg.  I first heard it in 1979 when a friend who was sharing a flat with us at the time came home with the album. This was a bit of a shift in direction for me as this album was a lot softer then any thing else I was listening to at the time, apart from say America. Subsequently I played the album so much I wore it flat.  Luckliy it was available on CD and now along with all my other music resides on my PC as MP3′s.

It was produced by Joe Walsh from the Eagles and Joe and the Eagles feature heavily on the album so the vocal harmonies are outstanding. Throw in Graham Nash from CSNY and Gerry Beckley from America the whole tone of the album is centered around the human voice. This doesn’t detract from the instrumentation as Dan is a great guitarist and in fact could play multiple instruments. Unfortunately Dan died in 2007 from Prostate Cancer.

While I didn’t follow every thing Dan did to me I loved this album and it brings me special memories from a time in my life that was less complicated than it is now.

Released in 1974, it has 11 tracks and runs for 43 minutes.

This is my favourite track


Changing Horses

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