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Pedestrian Review by Ian Stepp

As if you didn’t already think that humanity has sunk to new lows in trivial pursuits, today I received some footwear spam inviting me to offer my views about the New Waverider 17 Retro Mens running shoe – yours for a mere snip short of 200 buckeroos.

So far two earnest running types raved about the New Waverider, so in the interest of new balance, I thought I’d offer my views – always here to help .

I wear these shoes for lying on the couch in front of the TV drinking beer and eating chips.  On the way to the fridge, I value a shoe that gives me more support than my mistresses and is less slippery than a used car salesman if I spill stuff on the lino.  

They are so comfortable that I take them to bed and the running shoes are good too.

Most of the time I don’t take them off until I have a bath, so stay tuned when I reveal my inner sole next year.

Highly recommended.  Get yourself an au pair.