From Your Hostest with the Leastest

Remember when Friday bought the 1960s most important news – the Top 40 ? It was the information that kept us in touch with life’s most important issues – like whether Dave Clarke Five’s “Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey” would overtake Freddy and the Dreamers “Do the Freddy”.

Well, in recognition that things have changed, but the Top 40 helps us maintain a sense of our priorities, here – for your edification is the Pig’s Arms World Top 40.

  1. What Have they Done with Ukraine, Ma ? – European Cover Band – number 1 with a bullet !
  2. Going to War with ISM – Barack and the Bombers -a solid performer with tour dates announced for Kurdistan.
  3. Ebola – Fearan Epidemic
  4. My Budget Lies Over the Ocean – Joe and the Jokers
  5. Six Months in a Leaky Boat – Scott and the Protected Borders
  6. University Soldier – Chrissy and the Pynefields
  7. War – What is it Good For ? Dick Cheney with Donny and the Rumsfelds
  8. Money, Money, Money – Gina and the Rhinos
  9. Newcastle Mining Disaster – Nat Tinkle and the Panhandlers
  10. Baby Love – George and the Pellmen
  11. Sweet 16 – Rolf and the Harridans
  12. Fighting in the Streets – The Ferguson Stompers V the Police
  13. Turn Turn Turn – Clive Palmer and the Do-Wop Girls
  14. Help ! – The Economy – down from number 12
  15. How Can I be Sure ? – the Renewable Energy Band
  16. Bad Moon Rising – CSIRO and the Scientists
  17. I Wanna Be Sedated – Cara More and the Environment
  18. Do the Eddie – ICAC
  19. Do the Eric – Joe Tripod
  20. Do the Tripod Stomp – Eric and the Roozens
  21. One Day, Some Day – Pete Costello and the Second Fiddles
  22. Edelweiss, Idle White – Georgie Brandis and the Far Right
  23. Sally Had to Get Married – Echo Abetz and the Backyard Abortionists
  24. Tax the Poor – Joe and the Jokers
  25. Have You Seen My Wife, Mr Jones ? Craig and the Thompsonettes
  26. Barangaroo Boogie – Jimmy Packer and the Rolling Inits.
  27. Bus Stop – Gladys B and the Inner West Transport
  28. Waiting for a Train – Gladys B and the Inner West Transport
  29. Fly Me to the Moon – Alan Joyce and the Joyce Boys
  30. Can’t Buy Me Love – Tony and the Front Benchers
  31. Classical Gas – AGL and the Lamplighters
  32. Frackin Me Baby – AGL and the Lamplighters.
  33. Under My Bed – Peter and the Slippers
  34. The Bicycle Song – Tony and the Speedos
  35. Green Green Grass of Home – Cara Bon and the Tax
  36. You Only Live Twice – Phil Nitschke
  37. Jump ! – Psycho Boyfriend and the Block of Flats
  38. Mine, Mine, Mine (It’s All) – Gina and the Rhinos
  39. Talk to Me, Talk to Me – the iPhone 6
  40. It’s All Over Now – Earth and the Seven Billion