Vincent Lingiari and Gough Whitlam

Story by Emmjay

Words fail me in expressing my deep sadness at the passing of Gough Whitlam.

He was literally a giant among men and he created a vision for the greatness that Australia can be.

Some of Gough’s legacy:

  • Ended Australia’s participation in the Vietnam War
  • Ended Conscription
  • Created Medicare – the best universal health care system in the western world.
  • Recognised China – first western diplomacy initiative – copied by the remainder of the west including the USA.
  • Created the Family Court and ended the lawyers picnic with no-fault divorce
  • Provided income support for single mothers and homeless people
  • Championed land rights for indigenous Australians
  • Made University Education free
  • Abolished the death penalty
  • Created the Australia Council and the Australian Film Commission.
  • Strongly supported the Arts

In short his reforms marked the beginning of Australia’s emergence on the world stage and the beginning of a modern, vibrant, cultured, fairer nation.

When Gough came on the TV, my Dad, a staunch Metal Trades Union man, used to stand up.  Our working class family loved Gough.  Making university free was, for me and for so many of my generation the way out of genteel working class poverty.

Gough, we will NEVER forget you and your magnificent work.