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Story by the Pig’s Armaments Correspondent.

I’ve always thought of that large hardware chain as something of a family affair.  Clearly this is a somewhat antiquated view.

Even if it isn’t an antiquated view, few volunteers sought to take the opportunity to point out to the wearer the dubious taste associated with wearing such a T-shirt.


On a different note, while we’re at the hardware mega chain, here’s a photograph of a hole in the ground.  More to the point a pothole in their carpark that threw the Zephyr off line and caused me to back into a diminuitive car.  I left an apologetic note to the owner with my details, expecting to get a rocket up my back door.  The damage looked like a new plastic bumper bar to me.

Instead,  later that evening I got a very pleasant SMS thanking me for being honest and saying that the owner would call his insurer (same one as mine) in a day or so. I was shocked.

And pleasantly surprised to have found a far more reasonable and civilised chap than our friend here of the short arms persuasion.

Winsome, loosum, I guess.

In case anyone is worried about the state of the Zephyr, worry not.  Car made of steel versus plastic toy car ?  Foregone conclusion.

Happy New Year to all the crowd at the Pig’s Armaments.