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Story by the Pig’s Arms Transport Correspondent Ly Trail

After more than fifty years off Sydney’s streets, the Emerald city is set to see the re-emergence of this much-tooted and allegedly efficient and cheap form of transport.

To avoid the problem of what to do with buses while the city re-lays tracks, in its infinite wisdom, Transport NSW has decided to go for the new-fangled trackless trams.

When questioned about this move, the Minister, Gladys Brzyklerianisky said that the new trackless trams would be like a string of those red bendy super buses.

When questioned further, she agreed that they would in fact actually BE a string of those red bendy super buses – much like those that can be seen during peek hour (which is always a good time to look).

So, maintaining its cutting edge stance on public transport, the NSW government has forged ahead with a “back to the past to the future and all stops to the present” policy.

There’s nothing like progress, is there ? And this is certainly nothing like progress.

Bon Voyage, punters !