The Next Medicare Dipstick - Andrew Laming

The Next Medicare Dipstick – Andrew Laming

Story by Emmjay.

Last week the Shovel took a really big (and hilarious) dump on this week’s government changes to Medicare.  He said that they were already working on next week’s Medicare Policy and it was only Wednesday.

Today the ABC reported that some Queensland near-sight specialist GP was urging the government to crackdown on cowboy doctors.

What could he be thinking ?

Now, I’m not one to sanction the animal cruelty of the Rodeo, but I don’t think that’s any reason to crack the whip on cowboy doctors.  Cowboys, like everyone else have a citizens rights to Medicare, notwithstanding that they flog animals – apparently for public amusement.

I’m predicting that this will be yet another policy the government has to scrap.

I had a mate whose dog was called “scraps” – after his favourite food source.  I reckon he’d grow pretty fat on the scrapped policies of this abject excuse for a government.

Now, what were the enlightened policies of this elected cess pit ?  Scrapping the carbon tax ?  Scrapping the mining tax ?  Scrapping the scrapping tax ?

Scrappyity, scrappity scrap.

So FM and I went to see Bill Murray in St Vincent (do go and see it, it’s pretty funny) and there was an advertisement for a bank.  The advertisement said “Bring us your vision, big and small and we’ll back you”.  The message was for entrepreneurs – give us (the bank) your best ideas for developing Australia’s future and we’ll make the investment.

What ?  Like in tertiary education ?  Sustainable energy ?

It’s a sad day when one of the major banks makes a lot more sense than an elected government.  They have a policy – it’s called promoting growth initiatives.

Maybe the Abbott cabal could find some way to scrap that .  Or maybe, in good time, we can scrap them.  If only Labor had a leader 😦

Scrappyity, scrappity scrap.