Dees is Us

Dees is Us

Seems I’m still popular which is truly a selfie in the face of overwhelming odds. Oh yes, to be Hung at this stage is just what the country needs. For anyone new, my old screen handle was Hung One On. This name came from a supervisor who when I was a young fella would say to you if you are little late or red eyed, “What’s wrong with you boy, have you hung one on?” meaning are you hungover.  Prophetic indeed.

Now we are back to 2010 by the looks, read this

Now, lets look at what I would change.

Give people jobs. Just don’t talk about it, do it, especially the kids.

Fix the environment. Julia started it, now keep going with it.

Execute cats, rabbits and fine defaulters. Nothing changed here.

Fix the tax system, once and for all. Negative gearing, super, whatever, just fix it and put up with the consequences.

Get boat people out of the crap they have to deal with and bring them in. Sort them out, real ones stay, fuck the others off.  Most come by plane any way.

Build something. Don’t sit on our hands, make our nation greater, fast trains, better roads, NBN, whatever, just do it, don’t worry about deficits etc., we did it with the bridge  and the Snowy, keep going, don’t stop. Stopping is about the worse thing you can do.

Drugs. Get them out of the hands of the crims.

Execute anyone who doesn’t agree starting with Tony Abbott or 4WD owners.

Come on guys, we need revenue, revenue that was robbed from us by Howard. Abbott says he is a love child of Howard and B Bishop, god help us that there are even people like this out there.

Finally, just look after the poor and disadvantaged. They didn’t ask to be that way. Give them Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so they can live a good life.

Written and typed by Hung One On, aka, Mark. 2.5 hrs form parliament house and Canberra.