Perfect Christmas for the pussy that has everything

Tired of all that fur in your lap ?  Who wouldn’t be.

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year – time for you to think about your favourite pussy.  And who would ever want an unkempt one ?

Inspired by our CEO’s love of kitty-kats, fresh from the Pig-Tel labs we are now able to offer – to the first 2.78 million callers – this wondrous yuletide gift.  For a mere seventeen direct debit monthly payments of $39.99 (plus handling and postage ($782.34) Pig-Tel will have this little beauty winging it’s way to you (allow 3 months for processing).

Manufactured using the highest quality recycled plastics, the Pig-Tel cat groomer will have your friends going “ooh-ahh” when they see your freshly trimmed pussy.

Your favourite pussy won’t know what’s hit it when you set him / her up for the grooming experience of a lifetime.

Conditions:  Pig-Tel cannot be responsible for misuse of the product and any accidental neutering of your cat or 3rd degree lacerations to your hands will be at the owners’ own risk.


Remember:  If it’s from Pig-Tel you know you can trust it with somebody else’s life.