Barnaby Wombat

Photograph of a slow moving, dim-witted lower order mammal – and a wombat

Late barking news from our Pig’s Arms cub reporter Carmen Gettit

It has been revealed to the PA reporter that the identity of the sexually inappropriately approached individual in the latest Barnaby Gate incident in WA – is none other than a bat – a wombat,

Cripes !


Later barking news from our Pig’s Arms cub reporter Yuri Tool

National Country Party Misses Golden Opportunity

In a stunning turnaround, the National Party of Counts has failed to replace a bombastic, bloated tomato-coloured, snaggle-toothed sexual deviant with a bombastic, bloated tomato-coloured gun deviant with sweaty under-arms, dressed by his mother.

Commentators were left wondering what this fat, bloated sunburnt brown land is coming to – and are awaiting with bated breath to see what kind of screw-up the deeply considered alternative candidate will inject into the body politic.  Something other than sperm or lead – they hoped.