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“You found this where ?”

From the Pig’s Arms cubby reporter House.

Of Course, it’s Runny Again !

Barn Boy Juice reported to an astonished microphone that as the most hands-on daddy in the known countryverse he intended to be runny again.  Or at least his son, Jimbo was most likely to be.

The Member for Farex and the Deputy Minister for Nappisan had his hands full during the complex task of making a bobby pin work.  Witnesses said that he didn’t seem to mind having his thumb impaled and thought it was appropriate that he was an intimate companion to a cloth nappy, saying “There’s a lot of cotton up our way”.

And it was a pleasant change from putting his foot in his mouth, he told the Pig’s Arms cub reporter House.

Ending the interview abrumptly, Juice said he had to go – he was taking Jimbo down to the shearing shed to have the lad circumscribed while they were marking the other lambs.

Senior Country Members appeared to be pleased that their favourite bull artist had proven to be so virile and they refused to confirm or deny that he’d been put across other heifers and they were expecting quite a significant Spring drop.

However the Deputy Prime meat Miniseries Dom Hooderf Uck was reported as saying that he doubted that the New England Tablelands has sufficient carrying capacity for more than one cross-bred Juice.

Chinese Embarrassed Officials were unavailable for comment and the Tramp Administration was out for a quickie with inclement weather.