Rant by Emmjay

Dear patrons of the Pig’s Arms, no surprises that the rich cats of Wentworth gave the Liberal counts the hiding they deserve, but I want to remind everyone that this is early days for the fight for decency.

The good doctor Kerryn Phelps has a very spotty track record as far as things the traditional left might hold dear – she had a flirtation with preferencing the Liberals until somebody pointed out the wackiness of that idea and she dropped them to number ten on her how to vote card.  Not low enough, I say.

Helen Razer (possibly the last living Marxist ‘journalist’) on New Matilda wrote a piece titled Pig Shit in reference to Kerryn’s win and highlighted some of Dr Kerryn’s previous achievements.  Now, I’m no big fan of Ms Razer, but I reckon she’s more than adequately reminded us that replacing a deposed PM by someone who’s not a Liberal, but a quasi Liberal sympathiser is a very small step for mankind.

Helen Razer gives Kerryn the Big Finger !

It remains to be seen what Dr Phelps can actually achieve before (one hopes) the greatest Libnat thrashing since Federation.

But to finish on a more positive note, how hilarious is it that the Libnats response is to blame the guy they threw down the stairs for not supporting whatever or whoever the Liberal Candidate was !  I mean how stupid are these muppets ?  As hopeless as the Libnats made Malcolm Turnbull (admittedly with a lot of participation on his own behalf), he was a million miles in front of Scott Happy Clapper – boat stopper extraordinaire.

And I sincerely hope that Jane Caro runs – and defeats Tony Abbothole in Warringah  – I mean 30% of the Liberal party members did not vote for Tony in preselection – but the pissweak bastards stood nobody against him.  Let’s hope that other bastion of Liberal voters , like Wentworth rich cats grows some moral spine and ditches the greatest self-interested fascist wrecker since Federation.

end of rant