Story by Emmjay

The science of firewood.  This is a piece of good quality stringybark.  It’s about a half a metre long and weighs between 10 and 25 kg.

All the wood that Charlie cut and split by hand was carefully measured and met these specs.  Why so particular ?

Stringybark is plentiful – apparently it’s the same species as Tassie Oak – which sounds a lot more furniture appropriate.  Burns slowly, hot and with minimal ash.  Good for home heating.

Weight – just a comfortable carry, large enough so that it won’t burn too quickly.

Length about 500mm.  Fits snugly in the burner that heats hot water and the in-floor heating system.  Also fits two rows in the trailer, weighing about a tonne – which the trailer can carry and the big quad bike/ small all purpose thing can pull up hills with three adults, one dog and a toddler- without spilling anything.

Stacks perfectly.  Small load lasts about a week depending on how cold it gets in the New England Ranges.

And you thought it was just dead trees!  But renewable dead trees if you have enough in reserve.

Our thanks to Emmlet 1, Charlie and Emmlet 1.1 for a wonderfully warm visit and the use of the “hopeless lumberjack’s splitter”.