The Latest from Pig-Tel Franchises. Get in at the Ground Level

Hey there mug punters, astute investors, what with the economy tanking and the rope a dope dipshit robodebt Centrelink Nazis running the roost, there’s never going to be a better time than this to get in at the ground level.

Pig-Tel is offering you, for the modest investment of $15,000 a fully paid-up franchise in our Evictions-R -Us Corporation.

We have an unlimited number of grubby landlords eager clients who need your services.

Bring your truck, muscles, a huuuuge and not too bright – but trainable – mate called Wayne or Bilal and your skills and knowledge of the midnight dumping industry …. And $15,000 in cash to the Pig-Tel Corporation Offices (in the rear of Rosies’ Tattoo Emporium and House of Pain – opposite from the Pig’s Arms and we’ll guarantee you a business opportunity that will never look back (not if it knows what’s good for it).

And remember our motto “Look, mug, if you had of paid the fucken rent, you wouldn’t be being chucked out on your arse…. Don’t give me that shit about you’ll be good on pension day… we’re past that, arsehole”.

Stop Press !!! Evictions R Us is offering a special premium franchise for rural operators ! Get into our office – and don’t get burnt !