Saw Jim Conway’s Big Wheel down in Camelot a few months ago. Jim, as some of us will know and Mick Conway were the anchor men for Captain Matchbox’s Whoopie Band in the 1970s.

Jim is often described as being the finest blues harp player in Australia – nowadays playing from a wheelchair because he has MS.

When he played at Camelot, he ordered a jug of ice water and half way through the set, poured it over his head – saying that one of the ways of reducing the impact of MS is to cool the brain. I wonder what other mental health problems might respond to a similar treatment.

Did you know that some patients receiving chemotherapy that causes all their hair to fall out sometimes use a cap that circulates cold water during their treatment. So, “keeping a cool head” might just have a ring of truth to it !

Meanwhile, enjoy Jim and his Band – here’s more on Youtube.