Advertisement by Emmjay

What with times like these, what househhold can do without their own Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile System ?

Fortunately, the god people from Pig-Tel bring you your own personal ICBM.

But wait, there’s more. The Pig-Tel ICBM comes in the handy dandy USB format – just plug it into your PC or Mac, program in your favourite destination target and blast away your cares.

One of these little babies would be a diverting Mothers’ Day gift and give mum one or two unforgettable lockdown evenings.

Now who wouldn’t want Pig-Tel to rush an ICBM over to their place ?

You could have one today (in about ten minutes, actually) by sending us your approval to plunder access your bank account and with ten monthly easy payments of just $4 million, and a Pig-Tel ICBM will be winging its way to you.

Postage not required and definitely handle with care.