Question time in the House of Representatives chamber.

From the Pig’s Arms Cub Reporter Boo-boo.

In late breaking news, the entire Australian Government has lodged a class action suing the entire Australian population for defamation.

A spokeswanker for the government said they are sick and tired of being called cunts by everyone, but they are aware that Australian defamation laws cannot be used against the rest of the known – and unknown universe.

A degree of uncertainty was injected into the action when it was pointed out to the government that it is not defamation if a) it is a matter of public knowledge and b) if it can be demonstrated to be true.

Someone on paid empathy training leave was said to be considering withdrawing the government’s defamation suit but that he and his little mate Mr Potato Head were bang on with their own lawsuits because they were both great guys who would never ever think of raping anybody, especially people who might dob to the press*

*not actually true.

More on this in the late bulletin.