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Dear PA Patron,

John Lennon said that Ray Davies should have been recognised as England’s poet laureat.

And now it’s Sir Ray Davies.

This clip was recorded at Glastonbury only a few days after the passing of the Kink’s bassist Pete Quaife in 2010.

Waterloo Sunset is a lovely elegy for British life as Ray knew it in the 1960s

Ray Davies sheds a tear as he starts the second tune “Days”.

IMHO “Days” is a perfect song and when I hear it I think of my late Mom. And it never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

Some of the comments under “Days” from people who’ve lost loved ones are heartbreaking and I feel very much not alone.

Perfect song.

Here’s one of the earliest “Days” clips.

An hour of Ray Davies, the Kinks and many many friends at the 2010 Glastonbury concert …..

I hope you enjoy these as much as did I.