This one’s for you Asty.

Story by Emmjay

If I see another news item showing a clip of a person getting a jab, I’ll spit.

As much as I’m keen on not being locked down – and I’m looking forward to seeing my kids and grand kids, I think it’s important to remember that 80% single vaxxed New South Welshpeople means that there will be over a million people in NSW including kids under 12 – ALL of whom have the potential to be Covid infected and infective in the community. (So do we, vaxxed people. It’s just unlikely that we’ll get very sick).

Let’s take a wildly optimistic guess that only 5% unvaxxed people will get infected = 20,000 and that only 5% of these end up in IC = 1,000 seriously sick people.

Did you know that NSW recently published the fact that 47% of people currently in intensive care (IC) are unvaccinated – and ALL the people on ventilators (which means they are seriously up shit creek) are unvaccinated.

This will put a massive massive strain on the whole health system in our state. FM works at a large private hospital (600 beds) and they are gearing up for a huge influx of Covid patients six weeks on from doing what Victoria did easing the lockdown and remember that that resulted in nearly 2,000 infections a day. So my guesses above could be WAAAY under the reality.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.

I’m not saying that NSW should continue being locked down like Fort Knox, but do take care brothers and sisters – and vax up to the eyeballs.

Fond regards to all our Pig’s Arms patrons,