This was in response to a post about how the two contenders to the British prime minister job. Author – Anita Kennedy and Comment by Gary Honey

The original post said that both would be culled without an interview if it was a normal job selection process. Here’s my comment that LinkedIn found too offensive…

Worse than incompetent, these people are nut jobs.

And what a run of D-graders Americans have elected !

Puppets and members of the western oligarchy.

Fortunately Australians have finally removed a government led by corrupt and incompetent nitwits after 10 years of achieving nothing. We have this time broken the shackles of habit and voted for individuals rather than parties.

In the face of disastrous climate change, previous governments persisted in protecting fossil fuel interests. Ten lost years.

Sadly it took that long for Australians to finally vote for record numbers of independents and greens and a Labor government led by a man who is no oil painting but is a true statesman. With an A-grade front bench.

We voted for people rather than parties.

Like the rest of the world, we face huge challenges, but for the first time in a decade there is hope.

May your countries wake up at the next ballot box too.

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