Seen in the Pig's Arms Car Park.........

Seen in the Pig's Arms Car Park.........

Hi folks.

Just a quick note to say thanks for your fine efforts and support through the renovations.  Last week was pretty active at the Pig’s.  We had two of our three busiest days – with a top of 468 views and five days in a row over three hundred views.  Comments have gone over 1,300 and Jason tells me that this is an excellent effort for a blog that isn’t flogging anything or running with red-hot items like Therese Rein’s crash diet (what’s with that piece of marketing ?)

I’d like to congratulate Glenda for racking up 82 views yesterday with a lot of interest from actual and potential customers in her Farrah Fawcett coiff piece.  Clearly big hair is more compelling than a Brazilian guide to shaping mono brows.

Let’s hear more from the ladies lounge as a balance to our escalating recent and classically violent series on death and destruction.  I’m up for review contributions in the new Category of Critics, Critics, Everyone’s a Critic and things have been too quiet in the Music space.  And while I have learnt everything I know about Cricket from Voice, I’m sure the Ashes will be a persistent topic in the Sports Bar.

I would be delighted if we could have a review of Tony Abbott’s new book – particularly before it’s released.  In fact a raft of reviews would be excellent.  Perhaps  our headline next week will be “Michael Jackson spotted on a Glenelg tram, reading a pre-release copy of Tony Abbott’s new book ‘I Did It John, Brendan and Malcolm’s Way'”.  I can feel some Warrigal digital mischief in the pipeline.

Will we see Kevin Rudd, Steve Smith and Simon Crean despatch Father O’Way to sort out Hu’s in a Shanghai clink ?  No, Who’s on first.  If you think this is fishy, so do I.  Stay tuna.

Of course you are more than welcome to get off your backsides and suggest / create the news of the week.  How could it be less accurate than the mainstream media ?  It’ll surely arrive sooner, be fresher and be far more readable.

Manne, can you please bring the car keys in to work ?  There’s a rumour that Bunter has been seen over in the Unleashed paddock !

Cheers to everyone.