Simulated picture of Merv, Janet and the twins Viv and Ian

For it came to pass

In the town of Cyberia that to a publican

A child was born.

To be precise two children

Came into the house of Merv and Janet.

Two wise men from the east followed the GPS

Lately installed in their Zephyr car

And brought with them the gifts of

A yeasty extract and an elusive substance of pink.

And they said unto Merv

Be not afraid for these unto you shall bring

Considerable beverage.

And Merv and Janet looked unto the wise men

And they knew that it was good.

And from the car park came a host of Angles

Obtuse, in general, but some acute

But not as acute as the babies.

And looking down upon the babies and their

Generously endowed Mother, they said unto the

Hostelery  gathering

“Coor, these little buggers aren’t  going to go Hungy.

And a general glee swept o’er the host and

The taps were opened and the beverage was bountiful.

And to the gathering sayeth Merv and Janet as one Voice

Behold into the House of the Arms of the Pig

We welcome the twins, Viv and Ian.

And the attending Angles and the good DRMICK and a host of nurses

Gave thanks and broke wedges

After that they broke wind

And laughed and laughed and laughed.

Praise be to the host of the Pub and the Patrons de Porc.